Sharing Thoughts on 'Heroines in Harmony'

‘Edgy, challenging and incredibly powerful music pours out in a serious, ‘take note’ introduction to this latest and emotionally testing album…’ 

‘With this majestic collection Margaret Maria moves fluidly across many genres, with her stellar classical background melding the pieces together. The work is seamless, with an amazing harmony running throughout the pieces, ranging across New Age, Grunge, Steampunk and Classical frameworks created from her own unique perspective on life.’

‘Absolutely fantastic!’ 

- Janet Mawdesley, Bluewolf Reviews, 2019.

‘…I listened in awe to Maria’s multi-layered cello – a virtual wall of sound…’

‘…composed and performed by Maria in a brilliant display of virtuosity, both in her command of the cello in all its facets, from warm lyricism to growling grunge, and in her command of technology enabling almost orchestral realizations of her conceptions.’

'All in all this is another exceptional outing from Margaret Maria.’ 

- David Olds, The Wholenote Magazine, 2019.

‘This CD is incredibly beautiful. The compositions are always interesting, full of surprises, full of emotions, and brimming with imagination. And your playing!!!. You play with such precision, depth, beauty of sound, and an incredible control of the instrument. You do what you want with it. Very impressive indeed.’ 

- Canadian Soprano Donna Brown, 2019.