Piancelle (2013) 56'th Grammy Entry Nomination New Age Genre

Neo-Classique Musique

Co-written by Robert Guerrier and Margaret Martia

Refreshing new chamber music compositions for piano and strings in the Neo-Classical style. A lovely blend of cafe, cinema and classical genres. Beautifully performed and recorded by multi-talented artistic performer/composer team.

About Piancelle

When two composers meet and share a vision, magic can happen; such is the magic of ‘Piancelle’. Seasoned composer and pianist Robert Guerrier connected with Margaret Maria -fellow composer and one of Canada’s foremost cellists- and the music took on a life of its own. This unique partnership has inspired new music to develop and blossom. From the rhythmic life of ‘Esprit’, the glorious rays of ‘Sunshine’, to the Satie inspired ‘On the Wing’, the Debussy like ‘Tides’, the Chopin inspired ‘Rainfall’, and the Spanish infused ‘Rosada’, a timeless voice has emerged. The Neo-Classique Musique of Piancelle will soothe, inspire and delight your musical senses.