Flights of Angels

Healing music being released into a broken world. Music created from otherworldly energies and the spirit world that can only be felt when you open your spirit to the invisible that exists just beyond what we can see.  

“maybe it’s on that line of paradox that I dance upon, between worlds - where I hear the sounds of angels whispering such divine music into my ears.” - Margaret Maria 

Music dreamed of, composed, performed and produced by a uniquely inspirational Canadian artist in the Post Classical Instrumental Genre. Music that captures your ears, heart and mind with its imaginative and spiritually transcendent colours. 

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Album Notes


This music represents my spiritual journey in finding my music and moments of subconscious/dream states where I felt compelled to move in a certain direction, as if guided by a light towards an idea or emotion. I live on the edge of a cemetery, where a special angel exists and my view is one of timelessness and stone stillness. Yet under that stillness bubbles an energy…one of spirits that have passed through from this world into the next, rarely peacefully. In these album notes, I will try to express what my creative process was in finding the music you hear. 


Track 1: Snow Angel (2:53)

My special angel rests stoically covered under a shroud of snow, but her spirit is overjoyed by the dancing snowflakes as they descend upon her wings, to keeping her warm all winter long.


Track 2: An Impossible Gift (4:29)

I feel I have been given a gift, an impossible gift; to feel everything, to be a channel for both the dark and the light. I head towards the light but am fully aware of the darkness that lives inside us and within the world.  


Track 3: An Angel for Maria (3:56)

A special angel or spirit guides me. She is also one of the most beautiful Angels that I was drawn to when I moved to the edge of the cemetery. I sometimes can’t fully understand what is taking place, but the music forms within me in response to everything that I feel and can’t see. 


Track 4: Another World Opens (5:31)

Revelling in the light, in the hope that I have found, a truly new world has opened up and it is limitless, timeless, expansive and a place of extraordinary beauty.  My mind has created this space and I can live and float here content and so happy. 


Track 5: Tears of an Angel (4:05)

As the Angel looks down from above watching and listening to the sadness in the world, it's melancholy drifts through into the spirit world and tears gently fall. 


Track 6: Passing Through (4:27)

I woke up with a premonition that I needed to go immediately visit a dying relative 5 hours away, to hold his hand, to feel what he is feeling. I knew he would be passing through soon and he needed my touch or more likely I needed his. His spirit is contained in this music as his reality passes in and out of consciousness and finally, through. This is what it feels like to pass through from this world into the next.  


Track 7: Breathtaking Light (3:08)

Hovering in a moment of ecstasy…a liminal light…made of half earth and half heaven…suspended in time…there is no place on earth to land, just destined to float with the spirits eternally. 


Track 8: What If (3:47)

I reach way beyond and capture that strange and beautiful flower from heaven and bring it down from my dreams. This time a child who has died is handing me this flower...Millie. 

This music is a depiction of this poem that sits right inside my heart within my creative being. 

What if you slept 

And what if 

In your sleep 

You dreamed 

And what if 

In your dream 

You went to heaven 

And there plucked a strange and beautiful flower 

And what if 

When you awoke 

You had that flower in your hand 

Ah, what then? 

- Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Track 9: Floating Hope (5:21)

Even though the world is in chaos and there is fear everywhere, the strongest emotion that keeps propelling me forward is hope…pure floating hope that we will find a better way, a more loving way to exist/coexist and live on this planet now and for future generations…my hope knows no bounds…


Track 10: And They Kept Kissing (4:45)

I have been blessed by being given the human embodiment of the Archangel Raffaele to comfort me here on earth. Within his warm embrace I float and within his kisses I am wrapped in love. This place is heaven on earth to my tortured soul.  

There are two little kissing Angels that I found on one of my cemetery meanderings, right at the time that I felt to write this music…they look so familiar and so happy together in their pot of love…this music does everything I feel…  

And they kept kissing

Through the bitter cold

Under a blanket of pure white snow.

She, captured in a moment of bliss,

He, captive to her joy.

Those Angels sure know how to love.

To love love,

Kissing time away.

 - Margaret Maria 


Track 11: Be Love (3:58)

In a world where I now feel both hope and despair simultaneously, it is only by ‘being love’ can I feel some semblance of peace…I create to try to find a place where I can float in a space of love…a place where I can simply ‘Be Love’.  


Track 12: Princes of Heaven (3:26)

I have been sent 4 Archangels in my life. Each one was sent to help me, but not in the ways I imagined. Sometimes we grow the most when we are challenged to the extreme. My music started to come to me when I was decimated, had given away everything to become free, and felt I had nothing left but what I could create with my own hands. It was then that the music started…only then…


My photographer

My daughter has been one of my angels and has take so many photos of me in the last few years.  The cover of my album features a photo captured by her talented eye and spirit.  Thank you Zofia. 


My life with Raphael

Raphael is the 4'th Archangel who has came into my life.  I am truly blessed to have him as my life partner.  Here we are with my special angel. 


Wreckhouse Mastering

Peter Letros of Wreckhouse Mastering is simply incredible.  This is the third album that he has mastered for me and I don't hesitate for a second recommending him.  He has taken my music to a new level and it takes flight in ways that I could only hope for in my dreams!  

Album Credits


Total Playing Time: 49:52

Composer: Margaret Maria

Producer: Margaret Maria

Cello: Margaret Maria

Mastering: Wreckhouse Mastering - Peter Letros

Cover Photo: Zofia Wong

Album cover design: Margaret Maria

All the photos on this page were taken by either Max, Zofia or myself in the cemetery that we live on the edge of. 

Art in Divine Harmony

Art: Ángel Muriel

Music: Passing Through - from the album 'Flights of Angels'