Margaret Maria's Creativity Retreat


Come Join me in beautiful Breno, Italy this July 2020

I'll be leading a one of a kind creativity retreat at BIIMA this July 19-August 2, 2020.  As a facilitator and composer, I will be guiding this retreat for any composer, producer, performer that desires to delve into the creative process and gather 'Seeds of Creativity' - musical ideas and inspiration will abound as we take in the beauty of  the Italian Alps and we open up to sonic possibilities and potential.  


One-Of-A-Kind Method Of Teaching.

BIIMA's masterclasses will help you unleash your genius by simultaneously exploring and developing your:

Fine-tune your ear and discover sounds of all kinds. Learn how to compose around these sounds and broaden your artistic consciousness.

Learn how to listen and think on your feet. You'll expand your proficiency with free improvisation and enjoy a practice rooted in liberation. You'll also learn how to expand on an idea or theme. You'll be given the tools to refine these skills on your own.

You'll explore how to put these pieces together and produce your own work.

Opportunities for showcasing your work include accompanying the group body warm-up classes
for the singers and pianists intensive masterclass in improv fashion and a final concert at the
end of the program.


A day of Creativity will look like...

7-9 am breakfast

9-10am Italian Class

10:15-11am Meditation warm-up and contributing free form improvisation (genre free, acoustic or electronic) in small groups

11:15am 'Seeds of Creativity' - explore and create, theme generation, composition fragment development, improv and idea expansion

12:30pm lunch

3pm Notation Unbound - creating our own notation methods

4pm Inspiration - places to go, tasks to do, bring back ideas

7pm dinner

9pm - Improv Performance Ensemble/ Music Production. Depending on where your strengths are, we will find ways to make the group into a unique creation ensemble.  Showcase opportunities at the end of the retreat are possible.