A Cello For Chelsea (2005)

A cello for Chelsea - children's storytelling album

Join Margaret, Chelsea, and Chester, and the fantastic sounds of the cello on an inspirational musical journey. Chelsea is an imaginative and shy young girl who discovers her musical ability and love of the cello, when she meets Chester the Cello.

Reviews and Testimonials:

'Cellist captivates young, young at heart'-Ottawa Citizen July 30, 2005. 

'The story is a sweet one of a misunderstood girl, Chelsea, whose imagination is held in low esteem by her father. When a battered but noble-talking cello named Chester comes her way she learns the instrument and her life is transformed. And if this sounds a little trite, be assured that Tobolowska's text is fresh and charming.'-Ottawa Citizen July 30, 2005.

'In a way, this piece is reminiscent of George Kleinsinger's venerable 'Tubby the Tuba', but its story is nicer and, in contrast to Kleinsinger's full orchestra, this one is performed on a cello that is neither accompanied nor needs to be.'-Ottawa Citizen July 30, 2005. 

'Very Special! - 5 star review CDBaby fan