Waste no time! Live, love, laugh and above all hope!

I said to my daughter, ‘I will only have two days in Toronto to write music!’ and she answered, ‘Don’t waste any of your time mom!!’. And how precious is our time here! This music is a celebration of life’s energy and is filled with the one thing that I value more dearly than pretty much anything else in this world…hope!

This track took a day and a half, from conception to what you hear now! It is my voice trying to make sense of the world. When someone close to you is dying or having great difficulties in life, you are thrown into an energy that is confusing and almost unbearably hopeless. It seems to me that as I feel that depth of despair, my entire body, spirit and mind is fighting and climbing as high as possible…to bring the opposite energy to life! To give hope, take away the fear, bring comfort, touch the soul and make indescribable beauty that makes living just a little bit easier. Lots and lots of love to all those who are facing unimaginable challenges and fighting their personal battles. I can’t do much, but I can give you my music! M.

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