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about the Cellist

‘superb cellist…’ Ottawa Citizen

about Enchanten Rising…

‘The cello is a lovely dynamic instrument but when given the opportunity to debut new pieces skillfully performed by a true master of the instrument, it soars to new heights.’ 

‘Enchanten Rising perfectly reaches the balance of adhering to musical tenets while simultaneously breaking the rules.  “Fere” begins with a quiet, slow hypnotic trance then bursts into a heavy swirl of madness.  Maria crunches sounds from her cello reminiscent of the Mahavishnu Orchestra.  She expertly pushes the cello to its full range and beyond. In “Maximus” a feeling of steeling oneself in preparation for a battle is felt.   This hard-hitting musical style has a cinematic quality similar to Howard Shore’s syncopated fantasy soundtracks.’

‘The highlight of the album is the beautiful “Desolates”.  Maria stepped out of the performing spotlight to focus on her composition and to share her love of music with others through teaching.  These labors of love are reflected in her music and “Desolates” is the epitome of her journey thus far.  It is a gorgeous outpouring of the heart and a mirror into her soul.’

5 Star Review – Kelly O’Neil, You Review

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