Toronto Ravel, Creative Process and ‘Fiery Fall’

Yesterday I attended Toronto Ravel, a fantastic concept that first came out of LA, where composers and film lovers meet to chat, hear new music and study scores! Led by composer John Herberman, we are going through John Williams Star Wars score…bar by bar and just soaking in the orchestration, colours and genius behind the man and the music. I love attending, and being in Toronto makes it that much easier to get there. Some buzz words stand out. Creative process, where pretty much everyone in the room is in the same boat and as John put it, you have no idea what to write on Monday, but by Wednesday you have a film score!! Tension and Release: how Williams applies tension and release and how the rhythmic motor is running through his music, pretty much constantly to propel the music forward. All this made me think about how my creative process works. On Sunday, I only had a sketch and a few ideas. On Monday, I sat down and recorded in the bones of the track and it just expanded from there. An energy, a tempo, a feeling of what would happen, and then just the incredible process of following this energy through and ‘Fiery Fall’ emerged! Still not sure where it all comes from, but my best guess, my heart! Enjoy!

More about Toronto Ravel:

Producer Larry Weinstein talks about Ravel

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