Scoring for Lizzie Blog #2

Just shared the Lizzie Kicksass track that I just finished with the director! He is very, very pleased!! I quote, “ The new track is awesome, exceeded my expectation of what it would sound like, love every second of it.” This past week, the weather in Ottawa had been pretty darn dismal, and some of my students were not able to make it, so I found myself finishing a track that just needed to get done! This is a strong example of the music taking over my life and demanding to be completed and makes me question; who or what is really in charge of my life??? The scary but wonderful thing is that I absolutely adore this creative process, the doing, the immersion into another dimension that I create. I always love listening to my tracks but nothing beats birthing them!

The producer and director of Lizzie first heard my music on Soundcloud and they really liked ‘Grave Tremors’ (it is one of my wicked cool tracks that is now in the LA publishing library called I knew they wanted something like it for Lizzie and this was my answer to it. Sketched a few things in my teaching studio (I tend to find the coolest driving passages by just picking up my axe and finding a cool groove that excites me with its energy and chordal colours) and went up to my recording studio to lay down some tracks.
Two days later, ba boom!! This is Lizzie’s Kickass theme music. Hope you find it equally exciting and engaging.

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