Scoring for Lizzie Blog #1

I am scoring my first short film EVER and I want to share this incredible time in my life to inspire others and to document this new phase in my life. Two years ago, if you told me I was going to be a film composer, I would never have believed you! But today, it is my passion- to create great music and to elicit deep emotions and connections to visual images through film scoring. What do I know about film scoring? Not much yet, but I do know the language of emotion and the power of music to take us to new and visceral places. It is this direct hit to our feelings that leads me every step of the way. So what a fine place to start this new chapter in my life. Scoring for Lizzie is my dream coming true and the start of a new journey that will lead to places I have not yet imagined or heard before…with new musical creations awaiting at every stop. I am so totally ready!

My learning curve is vertical right now and my mind is exploding with possibilities. Today, I received an email from the director of the short revenge themed film called ‘Lizzie’, with the opening script and his notes. Since our timeline is tight, I will have 1-2 weeks to fully compose and produce a score for this 15-20 minute short film. The film crew, cinematographer and director are all in the UK (shooting is set for April) and I will be composing and producing from my home studio (with picture locked and sent to me in early May). To get a head start on the project, as it will be an intense 2 weeks to finish the score, I have composed some music that resonates with the plot. Lizzie has suffered a great loss in her adult life, and is caught between forgiveness and revenge. My mind immediately jumps to darkness, to confusion but also sympathy. What percentage of sympathy, anger and despair is needed to make us feel who Lizzie is, and to make us feel the conflict that she must be going through?

This track that is the result of this first exchange between the director and myself!  I already feel great about this film and the music I provide now will be the temp track that the director will edit the film with.  It just seems so right.  Here is: Lizzie_Darkness_Prayer

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