My Hans Zimmer/Margaret Maria co-creation!

After stumbling across this contest called ‘Bleeding Fingers Contest’, through my Soundcloud, I took a quick look at the rules, and then a listen to Hans Zimmer’s piece called ‘Destiny’s Door’. It is a spectacular piece!

Curiosity and of course, a new challenge, found me uploading this track and the stems into my system (I use Cubase)! Is it possible to create something new and unique after you hear something so complete in itself and it also has great emotional impact with full orchestra, choir and solo voice. Also, this was such a great chance to hear the orchestration divided up into stems and the quality of the sounds Zimmer uses. My whole composing career has been a non-stop vertical learning curve, so this was fascinating for me.

I took the synth stem (yes there is a synth texture behind the full orchestra) and made that the back drop, or the pulsating of time, under the choral stem and harp. Giving me a chance to let the cello sing a simple melody. Drawing from Zimmer’s melody, but not repeating it, the middle section gives the cellos a chance to soar with the synth and percussion stems of Zimmer below. I stepped into the recording booth and just played! It was a beautiful few days of creativity and immersion into the sounds and possibilities of a new piece being born. So here is my co-creation:

‘Stepping Through- Destiny’s Door’ – Bleeding Fingers Contest.

‘A great challenge and privilege to work with such a beautiful track composed by Hans Zimmer. Destiny’s Door inspired me to step through it and create a piece that used the following stems: synth, perc, choir, solo vocal and piano bells harp. Destiny is inevitable and waiting for each of us to have faith and move towards it. The synth in the opening and closing represents time and its relentlessness while the choir and bells symbolize something spiritual that is present. The cello sits above this bed of vocals and synth contemplating destiny, and then soars through Destiny’s Door with courage and hope; my music and my hope is intertwined. Hope you enjoy it!’- Margaret Maria ( on the Bleeding Fingers Competition website).

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