Magical ‘Piancelle’ – a truly collaborative album!

The past two months have been an incredibly fruitful time for me with my production and composing!  ‘Piancelle’ is a co-production in every sense, and the beautiful music that has stemmed from it makes my heart sing!

I was connected to Robert Guerrier (a seasoned composer/pianist) through Jean Anfossi, who has a music publishing library ( based out of Toronto) and who is the publisher of these wonderful new tracks.  Once the connection was made, Robert and I co-composed and co-recorded all the music via the web!  I was so inspired by Robert’s music that the cello lines just seemed to emerge and soar from the piano lines.  I am very excited to present these tracks in the neo classical genre.

Album set to drop December 5, 2013, when it will be available for download and purchase.

Here is a preview, as the tracks are now available for licensing!

I have so many favourites, but ‘Esprit’ is definitely on the top of my list! Enjoy!

Margaret Maria.

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