Feeling grateful and thankful today…

CD’s just delivered and signed for from Diskmakers!  Although I am excited, I am taking this moment to reflect and give thanks to those who are most special to me and their amazing contribution to my success.

An Album is never done alone…the accolades need to be shared…the recognition needs to be made.  This is my dream team!  You are all amazing!

Mehdi, as my partner in everything, your encouragement and support truly gives me wings.  I thank you for always being there for me and for truly believing in me.

Max and Zofia, you inspire me and give me incredible joy and your listening and ideas help give shape to so much of my music.  Thanks for loving ‘Desolates’ and for making ‘Maximus’ EPIC!

Helen and Allen, at a very dark time, you gave me light.  I will never forget your help and your support, ever!  Thank you.

Enchanten Rising Thanks!

Adrian and Deborah, your generosity and kindness has been invaluable to me!  From the advice, to the mastering, to the design, and through it all, you kept helping and supporting me.  Thank you!

Alexy, your help and support has been great to me.  Even though we are sharing a similar climb, you are so able to understand where I am and where I need to be, so I thank you for helping me!

Rob Cosh, thanks for getting me on the road to success with my audio system and Cubase!  The learning curve has been vertical, but you helped me get to this point and I look forward to the next phase!

Next…the music…

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