Children Albums

A Cello for Chelsea

Join Margaret, Chelsea, and Chester, and the fantastic sounds of the cello on an inspirational musical journey. Chelsea is an imaginative and shy young girl who discovers her musical ability and love of the cello, when she meets Chester the Cello.

First Children Album









‘This delightful children’s story (A Cello for Chelsea) is accompanied by equally delightful student-level pieces…’ Ottawa Citizen’s Top 10 Classical Albums of 2005.

‘Cellist captivates young, young at heart.’ –Ottawa Citizen
Zara the Maggini

Zara’s magical musical journey will inspire and touch your heart, as Zara
discovers her talent and ability to be more than she ever imagined
possible.  With the help of Guiseppe and all the troubadours in the land,
Zara becomes the powerful ‘Great Maggini’, and conducts the orchestra
to triumph over the evil noisemaker Tarantella.   An enchanting mystical
tale that inspires us to dream, to believe in ourselves and to uncover our
true potential.

A timeless tale for children of all ages.



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