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Sharing ‘Enchantress’

Enchantress Track list

Today I share a part of me with the world and with all those who are in my life, making it an incredible journey!  Please share it, enjoy it, and be inspired by it.  This process of creating music is still a big mystery to me, but it is my life and it keeps propelling me forward with passion and intensity!

My thank you’s are equally passionate and big, for everyone who has given of themselves to get me here, I am eternally grateful:  Mom and Dad, Zofia and Max, Helen and Allen, Little Daniel, Mehdi Shabnam, Adrian Carr, and the incredible support of the Suzuki Music and OrKidstra communities!

Link to itunes:

Click on the STORE tab and you can see Enchantress and all my albums on CDBaby!  Thanks again for all the support of my fans and music lovers around the world!


Tomorrow’s the album release day for ‘Enchantress’!

Final Prayers

Enchantress, my 6th album that will be released tomorrow (December 10, 2014), has been an incredible project to put together. It is a culmination of a full year’s work and represents so many facets of my life and my personality. Everything around me finds its way into the music. My love of 20’th Century Russian music and my current challenges of composing for films and production music libraries, has me constantly on my toes and in a state of heightened creativity and connectivity to everything around me and within me. I just can’t be detached from my music, it is not something I just do; it is everything that I am. It is equally scary, but fantastic to be able to share this with my fans and all the great people who support me in my musical journey!

The music on Enchantress goes from super energetic, frenetic, fantastical explosions of energy, to some flashy Vivaldi-esque pieces that are all fiery bow work and pure joy to create and produce, to some gorgeous sweeping cello lines that are pure heavenly cinematic colours. From some dark film score inspired tracks, to crazy insomniac moments, to the edge of infernal pain, and then a bit more kick ass cello! I can only describe it as an intense emotional listening experience that sizzles, is brilliant, emotive, dark and sparkly! The music says it all-you just need to take a listen!

Up, up and away to itunes!

The final listen through and uploading my new album to CDBaby, soon to be released on itunes! Some wicked cool new music coming to the world. For my soundcloud and blog followers, you have followed this journey and I thank you for that and appreciate all your support and cool comments.

A preview of one of the tracks, here is Diamonds: Diamonds_iTunes

A special thank you to Adrian Carr of AC Mastering, who listened to my mixes in advance and gave advice on mixing, recording and making this album truly stand out! I highly recommend him for all your mastering needs.


Another big thank you to Saty and Pratha for their extraordinary photos and the soon cover of my new album!!! Yesterday was a fantastic day and feeling pretty glamorous at the photo shoot!

Photos soon to follow!!!

Girl on Trapeze

Today the music will speak for itself. Good night and sweet dreams.

A day of thanks…November 19, 2014


Today, newly 43, I say thank you to the universe, to my family, to my friends, to everyone and everything that comes into my life and helps to shape me and change me into the person that I hope to become! I immerse myself in all of it; the happiness, the pain, the struggle, the beauty that seems to flow all around me! It is intense, it is incredible, it is my life and I love it!

A special thanks to my mom who took these photos this morning (before the snow storm!!!).

Can’t wait to see what is in store for this year!!!

November 19, 2014