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The Mastermind…energy abounds!

Girl on Trapeze

Today the music will speak for itself. Good night and sweet dreams.

Album #6 Coming Together!

There is a great amount of energy that goes into the final steps of making an album happen! I will be finishing all my final mixes today and sending them off to Adrian Carr of AC Mastering, for his final magical touch!! This album is an incredible emotional journey that has been in the works for the last year and a half. It is the finding of my style, the strengthening of my voice, the beginning of a new phase in my creative work and in my life. It marks a personal transition for me and my imagination has never soared higher, my mind on music is limitless, I continue to fly!

My cover photo shoot will be done by the incredibly creative duo team Saty and Pratha who inspired the very first track on my album ‘Spring!’.

Everything is connected to everything…come share a part of my world!

Infernal is all gurgling, dark cellos brewing, and climbs to an unbearable intensity! So cool to write and produce and one of my personal favourites. One of my edgiest tracks on the album and I just love it!

Grammy Entry Nomination for ‘Piancelle’!!!

My beautiful album ‘Piancelle’ (co-written with fellow composer and pianist Robert Guerrier) has received a Grammy Entry Nomination for Best New Age Album for the 2014 Grammy’s! So, so pleased!!! Thank you to everyone for all your support and love and help in making this all possible. And a special thanks to my mastering engineer, Adrian Carr, for making the album sound great and for getting us into the game. Yey!!!

A Grateful Flying Kickass

Today I stop and pause to say how grateful I am to all the people in my life who are truly angels and helping me along on this journey; what an incredible world and what a journey! It takes my breath away!

To John Massari (phenomenal composer, mixing and mastering master!!) Your keen ears, and just knowing what to do with my music, has given me much hope in the last few weeks. This master and mix for Lizzie Kicks Ass is spectacular and the raw acoustic punk sound is perfect! I look forward to our future collaboration and some incredible new sounds! Thank you.

And to my family, Helen, Allen, Daniel, Zo, Max, Mom and Dad, you are all helping to make my dreams come true!

Oh, and a quote from Willie on masterchef, ‘Your attitude will determine your altitude!!’

Love, love, love you all! I am flying!!