A Grateful Flying Kickass

Today I stop and pause to say how grateful I am to all the people in my life who are truly angels and helping me along on this journey; what an incredible world and what a journey! It takes my breath away!

To John Massari (phenomenal composer, mixing and mastering master!!) Your keen ears, and just knowing what to do with my music, has given me much hope in the last few weeks. This master and mix for Lizzie Kicks Ass is spectacular and the raw acoustic punk sound is perfect! I look forward to our future collaboration and some incredible new sounds! Thank you.

And to my family, Helen, Allen, Daniel, Zo, Max, Mom and Dad, you are all helping to make my dreams come true!

Oh, and a quote from Willie on masterchef, ‘Your attitude will determine your altitude!!’

Love, love, love you all! I am flying!!

My Sizzling Summer

Although the weather has not been, my summer has been sizzling! With a move to Toronto for my recording studio, a new musical partnership with a composer in LA, with many new tracks in progress and currently working on putting the finishing touches (and maybe a few extra tracks) for my next album (my 6′th album and I have about 22 tracks!!!), not to mention a few huge life changes, has me stopping for a moment to catch my breath! So this breathless track ‘Summer’, composed in my new studio space in TO, is indicative of some of my feelings right now. For licensing, Crucial Music in LA is picking up this track for their production library! Hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun creating it. I buzzes right by and is fun, fun, fun!

Just LOVE Spring!

Happy Spring to everyone!

Insomniac…my relevant new track!

Channeling Stravinsky, Hermann, Prokofiev, and all my rhythmic drive in this new crazy track. And of course, it being 5am made this easy to name. So here is Insomniac! Hope you love, love, love it too!!

Scoring for Lizzie Blog #3

This month has been incredible! Had a great experience with the Screen Composers Guild of Canada’s ‘Orchestral Reading Sessions’ where my score was recorded by an orchestra and had its premier in a masterclass. The Screen Composers Guild has been an invaluable resource for me starting out in this field, and I have met so many fellow creative minds through their events and connectivity! http://www.screencomposers.ca/spotting-notes-fall-2013/ Check out the SCGC’s latest newletter for more on the ORS and upcoming events. So looking forward to being in TO for the ‘Hollywood Orchestration and Composition Masterclass’ with Norman Ludwin in April too!

Back in my studio after a nice break with my family and kids! Great to be back in the studio teaching and producing music. I feel so lucky to be creating and sharing a part of me, through my teaching and my music.

This track took 2 days to write and produce and I love it. Actually, I fall in love with every track that I write! My fingers were a bit rusty from not touching my cello for 3 weeks!!! But hey, nothing gets you in shape better than having to play clean and focusing intensely on the task! Had sketched a few notes that would go well with an opening sequence for ‘Lizzie’, with building intensity and driving suspense. My mind is channeling Phillip Glass, and all things magically rhythmic! Hope you enjoy this piece of music as much as I enjoyed creating it.